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Beer consists of 90% water.

I don't really want to talk to you at the moment.

Joachim is right, of course.

We can do it ourselves.

I can only speak English.

Even Gunnar couldn't blame Anatole for everything.

Tell you what, I'll come to you, that'll be easier.

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They're all right.

He threw away the race after rounding the third turn.

If you eat at this time of night, you'll get fat.

The leaf is falling.

Mr. Tani and his wife were present at that party.


My plane leaves at six o'clock.

The campaign succeeded and he won the election.

Jelske became a minister.

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I knew I'd run into Mara at the conference.

We get paid every Friday.

Do you think Monica would want to go with us?

My father abandoned me when I was young.

The boy and the man are drinking water.


Kurt doesn't know how to boil water.

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Can you tell me more about your family?

Would you like to go on a trip with me?

I was thinking of buying a new car.

Your problem is you don't get enough exercise.

Can you tell me the way to the nearest post office?

I'll get right to it.

He used to walk to his office.

Coleen reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

That's even better.

Theodore fumbled in his pockets.

I feel very feverish.

He lay in agony until the doctor arrived.

The following words are called pronouns and are used as the subject of a sentence. They represent a person or a thing.


I'll introduce you to the rest of the shipmates.


Izzy smiled expectantly.


I've got him with me.

In Japan, the spring and fall equinoxes are national holidays, but the summer and winter solstices are not.

The dew falls in early morning.


It's worse than you think.


I bathe once a day.


I have a meeting with Daniele tomorrow afternoon.

There are almost no gunfights in Japan.

The company will soon go bankrupt.

He can't pick.

Bernie is young and naive.

I know you don't know them.

My father works at the factory as an engineer.

She is knitting a sweater.

I am not answerable to you for anything.

Please don't be mad.

Shall I keep you informed?

I want you to stop.

Do you speak French every day?


It will become more and more difficult to live in the village.

Mars is a planet.

At a time when we as a nation should be moving forward in our efforts to help those who are long-term unemployed find new jobs, we should never have taken a step backwards by abruptly cutting off their unemployment insurance.


My father used to be a strong man.

Refugees in Africa are seeking help.

Tao fed his dog table scraps.

What I told Gregory is the truth.

Where did you take your earrings off?


Place the spoon to the right of the knife.

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The goalie will have to be replaced.

I just wanted tonight to be perfect.

Third time's the charm.

The poachers stole some turtle eggs.

I need a day off.


That wasn't the way it was.

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What else does Reinhard want to know?

In another twenty years, the United States will no longer be able to be the police for the world.

Matt is quite healthy.

Naren is very talented.

I know Trevor is in there.

Is he taller than his brother?

We've been here for a couple of minutes.

An expensive watch is not necessarily a good one.

I have to go to Jason's office later today.

You know Nguyen is a loony tune.

Japan claims the Northern Territories for its own.

I suggest you leave immediately.

Maarten called me late last night.

If you give at all, give quickly.

I appreciate your interest.

Socorrito offered me a cup of coffee.

You sure sound upset.

I thought Isidore had already gone home.

It had nothing to do with you.

He said he could swim well.

Does that make any sense?

Merton is sitting in the very back of the classroom.

I won't see you again.


We made an agreement to meet exactly at ten.

Oh, say your name!

I had some trouble.

He uses an old-style razor, with shaving cream, for a closer shave.

Playing tennis is good for your health.

She is at home in English.

They capitulated unconditionally.

There are signs of growing tensions between the two countries.

Timo took the wrong bus.

Is that why you won't help Orville?

To talk about it is a waste of time.

Tonya likes jambol fruit.

In hospitals, the equipment and appliances most often needed for life-threatening emergencies is kept together on a crash cart.

I told him to wear sunblock.

What is he running after?


"Why?" "I do not know why."


Why do American parents praise their children?

Please stay away from me.

He kept his word.

The airship burst into flames.

I don't understand this at all.


That name doesn't ring any bells.


The completion of the bronze statue did credit to the sculptor.

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I'll make sure you get them.


I'm sure Leon forgot all about it.

Brent explained the situation.

I'm not greedy.


I can't believe I made them cry.


You know Anthony wants to help.

Our project failed.

Were you successful?


We're all so proud of you.


It is not easy to speak naturally on the radio.

They asked for his advice.

Yes, certainly.

It's like a bad dream.

We must not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Who was here?

I have a few questions about Julianto's operation.

Everyone here knows you can't trust Charlene.

Jack didn't make any mistakes on the math test.


You can format and customize a worksheet, insert and use tables, charts, formulas and functions.

Dion switched off the lamp.

That girl over there is very fat.

Doctors recommend eating three meals a day.

Is it true that you connected this old computer to the Internet?


The day after tomorrow I will urge my mother to leave an allowance of 10000 yen at my disposal.

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Send her away.

How much money should I take along with me?

Why do you like Hawaii?

The new train station is under construction and will be completed soon.

All the competitors are trying to get their piece of the pie.


I can't help feeling that Doug hasn't told me the whole truth.

Better to be blind than to see that.

Just tell me where it is.

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Leave your room tidy.

How old are your children?

Brooke has three kids to support.

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I want to be certain you are who you say you are.

I think it might be necessary to help Syun.

You know Magnus better than anybody.

Monopolies are bad.

I've got plenty of friends.

I don't think Knute would do this.

Tursun said something about going to France.


Did Leigh ever talk about his father?


It's just a toy.

In C language, There are two ways to pass parameters to a function: to pass by value and to pass by reference.

Don't let your children go to dangerous places.


During his seven years in Japan, he studied Japanese in earnest.